Thursday, 27 June 2013

Moral Story-Right Delegation is the Key to Success...

Right Delegation is the Key to Success...
Once there was a famous wrestler and he was so powerful that he can crush anybody in minutes. After a hectic tournament, he returned home and was about to take rest.He found a little mouse playing in his bed room and tried to catch it.
The smart mouse escaped from all his efforts and still was playing there. He lost his sleep and his wife told him to assign a cat to catch that mouse.
He went out and brought one mighty cat. The cat was very famous for doing excellent tricks and won many prizes.
He brought the cat from his owner for a day.
After reaching his bed room, he was curious to watch that little mouse is killed. The cat walked around and the mouse came out.
The cat tried to catch it but unfortunately it failed from all it's attempt to catch that little mouse.
After few minutes, the mouse scared the cat and the cat ran away.
As this wrestler was very famous, he went to his king's palace and met the mighty cat in the palace. Asked the cat to help him.
The King's cat was very clever and powerful. The wrestler brought the king's cat to his home and awaiting to see the little mouse is killed.
After few minutes, the King's cat was also failed in all it's attempts to catch the mouse and was tired.
He carried the cat to the palace and asked the cat on it's way to the palace to help him with an idea to kill the mouse.
The King's cat quietly answered him.. "Dear Wrestler, to catch that little mouse, you don't need a tricky cat or a wise cat like me.
I am clever but I am not good at catching a mouse. As I live in palace, I never knew hunger and never tried so hard to catch a little meal.
Like me, the tricky cat also never starved for food. I suggest you to take a street cat to your home".
The wrestler somehow wanted to remove the troublesome mouse from his bed room and finally took a street cat to his home.
The street cat was looking very simple and the wrestler was not confident on that cat.
Once they entered the home, the cat rushed from the hands of the wrestler and ran fast into his bed room and was casually walking out of his home with that little mouse on it's mouth. Everything was over in few seconds.
The wrestler was astonished and asked the street cat how he caught that mouse in seconds.
The cat replied, "I don't know sir. I am just a simple street cat" and walked away..

Today's most effective way of management is "Management by Delegation".
We need to choose the right person and assign the right responsibilities to him.
Even 2000 years ago, the Tamil Great Poet Tiruvalluvar explained this as, "We need to research on who will do what and assign that to him"..

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